Cherie Amour op 6-4-2013 BIV en BIS in France
Congratulations to Sylvie!


Sonja Bakker -Expo Brugges 12/08/12 BIV / BIS / BOB
Congratulations to Angélique and Anek!


Atlanta Georgia is Champion!! Congratulations Kristyna Hudcova



Summer is pregant! She is expecting her kittens around February 21st
All the kittens wil be amber or light amber


Show Isselburg Germany

Debbie Star of Amber Forest became International Champion

Wilton of Amber Forest "louco" recevied his first CACIB point


Mundikat show Groningen


Congradulations Annemieke van Cattery Nordic Magics

G.I.C Reba McEntire of Amber Forest - Great International Champion

CH. Debbie Star of Amber Forest -Champion


Congradulations Chris en Jurgen van Cattery van 't Kortewout

CH.Jurgen of Amber Forest -Champion

CH. Louco of Amber Forest - Champion


Tammy is HCM Normal tested on Nov.14 2011
PKD/ CIN Negative test Nov. 14 2011


Atlanta Georgia of Amber Forest in Czech EX1 NOM + BIS

Show Uitgeest! 15-10-2011

Loesje of Amber Forest Ex1 en BIV-eerste show

Macy Spectra of Amber Forest EX 1

Jurgen of Amber Forest EX 1

Debbie Star of Amber Forest EX 1

Reba Mc Entire of Amber Forest CAGCIB___


Debbie Star of Amber Forest EX 1 en NOM! in Schiedam.
Congradulations to Annemieke!


Dylana from cattery Elskede is mother of 3 kittens and Diego
is the father!
Dylana is een beautiful blue tortie smoke with a little white
female. This is a very exciting combination! The kittens will carry
the gene for the amber color.



Macy Spectra of Amber Forest is mother!
She has two beautiful amber kittens.
Macy lives at cattery Fiskersgenug


Cheetah (Brooke of Amber Forest) received her 3rd

CAC , she is now Champion


Onze nieuwe krabpaal met dank aan Dierenvilla voor de goede service

Debbie Star (Amber Non Agouti) U1 and Nom.for BIS in Haarlem 9th of January

Carly has her CAP

Cheetah has CAC again in Haarlem


Macy Spectra of Amber Forest is now the first Amber Non-Agouti

Champion of the Nederlands

Reba Mc. Entire of Amber Forest became International Champion in the weekend

of the 4th en 5th of september 2010.


Results Show alkmaar 05-16-2010
Felikat Show

CAC scored by:

Macy Spectra of Amber Forest (NFO nt) - Marco Visser
Brooke Cheetah of Amber Forest (NFO nt 22) - Sabine Metselaar
Felicia Misty of Amber Forest (NFO nt 09 22) - Ton van Kan


Tammy is pregnant and Diego is the father

We are expecting the litter to be born around March 30th



CH Reba McEntire of Amber Forest, at 11 months of age,
won her 3rd CAC point ont the 17 of may 2009
She officially is a Champion now

You did a wonderfull job with CH Reba McEntire Annemieke !!
Conratulations !!


Reba McEntire of Amber Forest, at 10 months of age,
won 2 CAC punts at the Felikat show in Arnhem on the 11 and 12 op april
congratulations Annemieke !!

Pebbles is pregnant en Diego is the daddy
We will be expecting the kittens to be born around the 23th of April


De results of Amethist are here. She participated in the
NKFV Topkat-competition 2007 - 2008 and she came in 11th !!

We are so very proud of her !!


On the 22th of June we are going to have a new female at our cattery.
Her name is Quiana aus Brotzingen and she is born on the 21th of March.
Quiana is light amber white marmered

For more information you can take a look at her page that is places
at the link of the Females.


Esmé and Glenn have had 4 kittens on the 11th of june 2008.
You can admire pictures of the kittens at the button Kittens.

All the kittens have found new can openers.



Harmony and Glenn have had 5 kittens on the 16th of February 2008.
You can see a picture of all 5 of them at the button Litters.

All the kittens have found new can openers



On the 17th of november I have been to Germany to meet Pebbles.
Her full name is Pebbles anus Breezing and she was born at
Norwegian Walkathon anus Breezing.

Pebbles came to live with us on the 11th of Januaries 2008

Her color is amber classic tabby white



Harmony, Glenn and Amethyst are tested on FIV-Fe LV

The results where good !!!!!