Pictures of kittens that have moved


On this page we will place pictures of the kittens that the new owners sent us

We think it is great to receive these pictures and we love to show them
to our visitors.


Annet's Skadi Jan 2012
Macy Spectra 24 Januari 2012
Michael ( K.I.T.T.) & Chucky (Austin)
Chucky (Austin) & Norman (T-Bone) & Michael ( K.I.T.T.)
Atlanta Georgia jan 2012 in Czech
Damian dec.2011- 8.5 kilo!
Molly -daughter of Harmony
Molly and Damian dec 2011 brother and sister
Harmony -December 2011
Diego(Lionel Richie) & Caesar
Diego- 8 months (Lionel Richie) December 2011
Jurgen Dec 2011
Louco -( Wilton Knight) Dec 2011
CH. Debbie Star show Rijswijk 2011
Reba McEntire- 18-11-2011
IC Reba Mc Entire show Rijswijk 2011
Pr.Carly Nora
Chucky 10 Months (Austin) en Michael 1 Year 7 Months(KITT)
Chucky (Austin) Looks exactly like his father Diego!
Diego(Lionel Richie ) & Caesar Okt 2011
James- 2 years and 7.5 kilo's
Loesje 5 months old
James (Derek) & Loesje-september 2011
Cheetah (Brooke)
Loesje 16 weeks old
The Helpers Litter 1 year!

Chrissie (Christof)

Star (Debbie Star)

Skadi (Annet's Skadi)

Jurgen (Jurgen)

Jodi (Augusta Maine)
(Lionel Richie) Diego 4 months old and also with his friend Caesar aug.2011
(Sammy) Diezzzel aug 2011 (15 weeks)
(Carolientje) Noirra aug 2011(15 weeks)
(Bismarck) Binky 19 months old
(Kitt & Austin) Chucky and Michael juli 2011
Lionel(14 weeks old) with Caesar
Lionel with Harmony
Nanna 22-7-2011
Skadi 22-7-2011
Atlanta her first show- She goe EX 1 and Nom!
Montana with her daughter (juni 2011)
Dover juni 2011 (4 months)
Truffel (Michael Knight) juni 2011
Michael ( KITT) en Chucky(Austin) best friends
Jodi (Augusta) in her new home
Dover enjoying his new home
Macy June 2011
Michael (KITT) & Chucky (Austin) Mei 2011
(Debbie) Star 9 maanden
Misty spring 2011
Misty and Glenn Spring 2011
Glenn almost 5 jaar
Merdy voorjaar 2011
Jurgen april 2011
Louco (Wilton Knight) april 2011
Miles april 2011
Denver april 2011
Truffel (Michael Knight) 1 jaar
Denver and Miles jan 2011
Miles now 9 months old
Denver- 1 jaar old
K.I.T.T. Michael 9 maanden
Annet's Skadi-22 january 2011 almost 5 months
Nanna 22- january 2011
Montana is growing up beautifully 1 jaar jan 2011 (light amber non-agouti white)
Debbie Star show Haarlem jan 2011-Nomination voor BIS (18 weeks old)
K.I.T.T. - Michael 19-jan. 2011
Chrissie with his friend Bagdad
Chrissie dec 2010
Salem Dec 2010
Denver 1 jaar and Mr. Miles 9 months jan 2011
Denver and Miles are best friends
Louco (Wilton Knight 9 months 6100 grams)
Neelix (Luke Jan 2011)
Annet's Skadi in the snow
Jurgen Jan.2011
Christof and Bagdad are good friends
Glenn Dec. 2010Glenn is helping with dinner
Misty 10-12-2010
Merdy Dec 2010
Jurgen 10-11-2010
Skadi 8-12-10
Star 5-12-10
Star 4-12-10
Nanna November 2010
In the garden
Michael (K.I.T.T) 25-10-2010
Good looking man!
Montana 10-10-10
Montana en Delano - True Love
Macy Oktober 2010
Montana with friends-sept 2010
Macy sept 2010
Miles and Denver -beautiful half brothersSeptember 2010
Merdy- Aug. 2010
Misty- Aug. 2010
Glenn at Ton en Ina's with
Merdy and Misty
Michael (K.I.T.T.)Do I really look like my DAD?
You really mean it !
I am relaxing just like my vader
Binky (Bismarck) July 2010
Michael Knight(Truffel )
Michael Knight (Truffel)
Carly en Reba best girlfriends
Reba- I can really look mad
Macy july 2010
K.I.T.T. - Michael with his friend
Montana 6 months old
Louco-(Wilton) 16 weken with Salina his girlfriend
Denver and Miles 2 buddies
Montana en Dilano
Macy, Misty(Felicia)Cheetah(Brooke) at the Felikat show, all 3 won the first CAC punt :-))
Carson 4 months
Carson 4 months
Binky (Bismarck) 4 months old
Denver 4 months old
Salem and his new buddy Snub
Kitty (Darla) may 2010
Salem 3 months
Denver 3 months
Macy 10 Months
Neelix and Roets together
Sabine with Cheetah and Denny with James - february 2010
Cheetah 9 months
James 11 months
Neelix December 2009
Misty & Merdy December 30th 2009
Misty & Merdy 2009
Macy December 17th 2009
Cheetah nov. 2009
James nov. 2009
James & Cheetah oktober 2009
Macy's eerste show
Nanna (Shania) Oktober 2009
Merdy en Misty (Felicia)
Misty in haar paradijs
Misty bij haar nieuwe blikopeners
James en Cheetah
Macy is aan het verbouwen geweest
Neelix 1 jaar oud
Merdy en Misty
James en Cheetah


Neelix (Luke) 1 year old


Tascha (Lily) one year old allready. We got these pictures from the new owners
Cattery The Blue Lagoon


Reba on the left and Nana on the right and bottom
The bottom pictures are from Lee Ann
All 3 are 7 months old here



These "kittens" are both from the litter Esmé en Glenn
with the theme "Country singers"

Nanna 4 months old
Reba 5 months old


These "kittens" are all of the litter of Harmony and Glenn
with the theme "As the World Turns"

Carly 9 months
Lily Tascha 4 months
Luke Neelix 4 months
Molly 5 months
Damian 9 months
Molly and Damian 5 months