About us

My name is Debbie Stolk and I was born in Brooklyn NY in the United States of America.
When I was 21 years old (1969), we moved to the Netherlands, together with my parents and sister.
We moved into a house in Alkmaar, where I have been living ever since.

I have 2 children, my daughter Michele and my son Richard. Both are married.

I always loved Norwegian Forest cats, but due to some circumstances I could never get one of my own.

My husband passed away in 2006 and I wanted to do something with my life, something I could do by myself and that would interest me. I started to read about the Norwegian forest cat and got very interested

On the internet I found Cattery Takrati, Hennie and Wout.
They had a litter and Glenn was one from that litter.

I was the first one allowed to choose. I was crazy about Glenn from the first time I saw him so I picked him.

But, one wasn't enough for me... my thoughts were to have a cattery of my own.
I would need at least 2 females and 1 male.
The name Demieri was a combination of my name, my daughter’s name and my son’s name.

After a while I decided I wanted to join a different association, but the name Demieri was already taken.
We had to think of a new name and because we are going to breed with the color Amber, I chose the name Amber Forest.

I went looking for a white Norwegian forest cat, because I love the way they look.
That's how I found the site of Suzan, Cattery van Rotsenburgd.

When I saw Suzan had a litter of white Norwegian forest cats, I was thrilled.
The mother Shanti Divaya Selakon van Rinigé is a beautiful cat and from her litter I chose Amethist.

At Cattery Takrati I found Harmony Yakin Ve Uzak.
I still am grateful to Henny and Wout for letting me know that Harmony was born.
Without them I would have never known about her.

I was on vacation at my sister’s in the states at that time and through MSN they told me
about Harmony.

We contacted Cattery Yakin Ve Uzak and told them I was very interested.
When I came back from the states, I visited them as soon as possible and I loved her right away ;-)

This is a short story how my Hobby Cattery Amber Forest got started.
Aren't they the cutest !!